Youth Train In Trades

About The Program

Designed for high-school students who are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship, and getting a head start on it while still attending high school.  Youth Train In Trades (Formerly Ace-It) is an industry training program for high school students. Through the program, you can take courses that will give you both high school graduation credits and a head start towards completion of an apprenticeship program.

Youth Train In Trades (Formerly Ace-It) programs are developed and offered as partnerships between school districts and post-secondary institutions, and classes are often taught at colleges. Local employers also get involved in the development of  Youth Train In Trades (Formerly Ace-It) programs, and students who complete these programs typically have very good success in finding employment.

Once you successfully complete the program you’ll get credit for at least level one of the technical training (in-class) component of your Industry training Program. And through work experience placements that are usually part of the program, you’ll get credit towards the on-the-job component of your training as well. Or, enroll in both Youth Train In Trades (Formerly Ace-It) and the Secondary School Apprenticeship program and you’ll be well on your way to completing your first year of post-secondary education by the time you graduate from high school.

We are currently partnered with the following school districts:

  • Richmond
  • New Westminster
  • Coquitlam
  • Burnaby
  • Vancouver
  • Northern school districts:
    • 52
    • 82
    • 54
    • 92
    • 91

Program Information:


  • Delta



  • Certificate of the Youth In Trades Program
  • 16 High School Credits (gr. 12)
  • Earn Plumbing Level 1 Technical Training Certification


*Varies in Length

What You Can Do With This Certification After Completing It:

  • Become an apprentice
  • Continue with Red Seal Plumbing Certification Year 2
  • Work as a plumber


  • English 11 or Comm. 11
  • Any Math 11
  • Physically able (tight spaces, moving heavy equipment)
  • Successful result on skills assessment
  • Demonstrate an aptitude for using power tools and have the ability to measure accurately to 1/16” of an inch
  • Successful result on district entrance exam

More Information:

  • Richmond School District

  • New Westminster

  • Coquitlam

  • Burnaby

  • Vancouver

*Varies depending on school board – Refer to links to each district above