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If you are new to Local 170 or have yet to take any classes at UAPICBC, please fill out an application form. 

Please mail application or drop it off to #101, 1658 Foster’s Way, Delta, BC, Canada, V3M 6S6.

For sponsorship and foundations please fill out this form.

For training only, fill out this form. 

Piping Foundation

Training consists of learning the basics of three of the piping trades: Plumbing, Sprinklerfitting and Steamfitting.

Welding Foundation

The Welder Foundation program is the entry level program for this trade. Completing this program permits you to weld in the construction and metalworking industries.



Plumbers install, alter and repair the systems that keep our water and waste disposal systems running, and that provide many of the basic amenities we rely on day-to-day.


Saving lives is never too small a task. Sprinkler tters specialize in re suppression systems installation, maintenance, and repair.


Does working on large industrial projects or maintaining boiler and comfort systems interest you?.


Welding Apprenticeship

Ever been fascinated by the idea of joining metal? Interested in having a good-paying, portable, practical skill?


Youth Train in Trades

Designed for high-school students who are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship, and getting a head start on it while still attending high school.