Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I have to be a member to take apprenticeship classes at UAPICBC?

No, as long as you are a registered apprentice with the Industry Training Authority and meet UAPICBC entrance requirements, non-members are welcome to take apprenticeship classes at UAPICBC; however; only UA Local 170 members are eligible for subsidized tuition fees rates.

Do I need to be sponsored?

Yes and No: If you intend to take Levels 1-4 apprenticeship training then yes, you need to be sponsored.

If you intend to start an apprenticeship without a sponsor you can take the Piping or Welding Foundations program to get going.

How do I sign up as a member?

Download and complete the Application for Apprenticeship Sponsorship or Foundation Training Application for Apprenticeship Sponsorship or Foundation Training and submit it to the Delta Campus office.

How many field (work-based) hours do I have?

Please contact the office at 604-540-1945 or the ITA (Industry Training Authority) customer service line at 778-328-8700 for your most updated field hours.

How much are the initiation fees at Local 170?

Please contact Local 170 at 604-526-0441 for more details.

How much is the registration fee?

Each course has a non-refundable $100.00 fee. This will reserve your seat in an upcoming course. For more specific information, visit the program page or contact UAPICBC at 604-540-1945

What's my ITA (Industry Training Authority Registration Number?

Once you register as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority, they will issue you a Training Worker Identification number (TWID). Please refer to your ITA (Industry Training Authority) card which lists your TWID number or contact ITA BC customer service 778-328-8700.

When do I get my next raise?

The UAPICBC office automatically notifies the contractor of any rate increases. If you have any questions about raises please contact the offices at 604-540-1945.

When's the next ____ class?

You can find our class schedule here or contact the UAPICBC at 604-540-1945.

Why choose a career in trades?

  • Opportunity: British Columbia is set to benefit from major economic growth over the coming years. The construction trades will play a huge role in this development.
  • Earn While You Learn: Apprenticeship training takes, on average, 4 years to complete. Construction trades offer satisfying and rewarding careers, with above-average starting wages.
  • Completing your training and becoming a journey person offers better employability and higher wages.