Government Sponsored Training

About The Program

For a current schedule of programming at UAPICBC campuses please to UAPICBC’s schedule.

UAPICBC, in partnership with the Industry Training Authority, and funded through the Workforce Development Agreement – Employment Services and Supports program offers subsidized programs aimed at encouraging entry into the trades. These programs are targeted to eligible* applicants who are traditionally under-represented in the trades:

  • Indigenous People
  • Women
  • Immigrants
  • Youth
  • And to any other eligible* individuals who are experiencing challenges to in starting a career in the trades.


The Employment Support Services (ESS) Program  is open to unemployed individuals*.

*Individuals working equal to or less than 20 hours per week, in which case, an individual is considered unemployed. An individual who is working for no wages (i.e. volunteering) is not considered employed.

All Workforce Development Agreement (WDA) eligible participants must also meet the following requirements:

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Living in BC
  • Not a full-time post-secondary student
  • Not a high school student
  • Not participating in another Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement (WDA)-funded program

Depending on the program applied for, additional eligibility requirements may apply.

Interested participants are invited to attend an information session where one of our co-ordinators will explain the various programs available. Applicants will be interviewed and assessed on their suitability to enter their trade of choice based on the program prerequisites. Based on the interview results, participants may be referred to upgrading (academic, if required) or into one of the following programs:

For more information visit:

*Please contact UAPICBC at 604-540-1945 to confirm if you qualify for funding under the Canada Job Fund – Employment Services and Supports Program and for information on upcoming training programs.

More Information

  • Please contact the school at 1-604-540-1945 if you have any questions