Cross Connection Re-Certification Course

About The Program

This course is for active BCWWA Backflow Assembly Testers who are required to re-certify. Active testers are required to re-certify every five (5) years upon notice from BCWWA.   If unsure of status please contact BC Water & Waste Association at (604) 433-4389.  This course reviews current BCWWA test procedures preparing students to write for cross connection control re-certification.

Program Information:


  • Delta



  • BCWWA Backflow Assembly Tester Certificate*


12 hours

Topics Covered:

  • Test and troubleshoot reduced pressure backflow assembly.
  • Test and troubleshoot double check valve assembly.
  • Test and troubleshoot pressure vacuum breaker assembly.


  • Previous BCWWA backflow assembly tester certificate. BCWWA Testers requiring certification must be within one year of expiration or still active. Proof may be required prior to registration.
  • If you allow your BCWWA cross connection control (CCC) membership and tester certificate to lapse, for more than one (1) year past the “expiry date” and/or “recertification date” on your tester certificate/wallet card, you will be required to challenge the full backflow assembly tester certification exam to become an active tester again (see Cross Connection Full Certification course)


More Information

  • *Please note: You must “renew” your BCWWA cross connection control (CCC) membership and tester certificate with BCWWA every year to remain an active backflow assembly tester.  Please visit for instructions.
  • Please contact the school at 1-604-540-1945 if you have any questions