Cross Connection (Full) Course

About The Program

The Cross Connection Full Certification course teaches participants how to choose the appropriate backflow prevention assembly and test and troubleshoot backflow prevention assemblies. This course provides the knowledge and skills to test whether a backflow device is in proper working order in accordance with relevant codes and standards.

Program Information:


  • Delta



  • BCWWA Backflow Assembly Tester Certificate


40 hours

Topics Covered:

  • Causes of backflow
  • Recommended backflow prevention procedures
  • Application of backflow prevention procedures
  • Types of backflow preventers
  • Recommended installation practices
  • Recommended testing procedures
  • Definitions and abbreviations
  • Backflow prevention assembly performance standards
  • Safety


  • Must be a Member of UA Local 170 in good standing


More Information

  • Please contact the school at 1-604-540-1945 if you have any question