Canadian Apprenticeship Loans:

The Canada Apprentice Loan is an initiative of the Government of Canada. Apprentices can apply for up to $4,000 in interest-free loans per period of technical training.

Quick Facts:

  • The Government of Canada offers apprentices registered in a Red Seal Trade apprenticeship program up to $4,000 per period of technical training.
  • You can get Canada Apprentice Loans for up to 5 periods of technical training.
  • Your loan will be interest-free for up to 6 years as long as you are confirmed as being registered in a Red Seal Trade apprenticeship program.
  • You do not have to make any loan payments as long as your loan is in interest-free status.


To be eligible, you must meet all of these criteria:

You are not eligible if you:

  • are a high school student;
  • are an apprentice registered in the province of Quebec;
  • are receiving a Canada Student Loan for the same technical training;
  • have been told that you are restricted from receiving a Canada Apprentice Loan or a Canada Student Loan;
  • have already received funding for 5 periods of technical training; or
  • have already received 6 years of interest-free status

For more information or to apply, visit Government of Canada – Canada Apprentice Loan.

Women in Trades:

Are you looking to start your journey in the trades? Do you have questions or concerns? UAPICBC is committed to helping women find a pathway to a fulfilling and hands on career. To be connected with women in the different piping trades, please click here to be connected with Women in the Piping Trades.

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