NAUSC/UA P.I.P.E.S. Rigging Program

About The Program

The UA NAUSC CSA P.I.P.E.S. Rigger Program teaches advanced skills and techniques needed to complete rigging operations safely and securely. The certification is designed specifically by and for Journeypersons in the piping industry; teaching Occupational Health and Safety requirements, along with the latest proven rigging techniques found in the field.

Program Information:


  • Delta
  • Online





Topics Covered:


  • Member in good standing with UA Local 170
  • BC Certificate of Qualification with Inter-provincial Red Seal Endorsement in Steamfitting, Plumbing, Sprinklerfitting or welding.
  • On-line rigging prep course (continuous in-take, self-paced)
  • On-site practical assessment (as scheduled at UAPICBC)
  • NAUSC-CSA written entrance (as scheduled at UAPICBC)
  • Approved UAPICBC application form to take NAUSC-CSA Pipes Rigger course


More Information

  • Please contact the school at 1-604-540-1945 if you have any questions