Welding Training

Welder C, B and A have been replaced by a new Welder Certificate of Qualification and endorsement program.  For current information about the Welder Certificate of Qualification and endorsement, refer to the ITA Welder program page.
Our welding department boasts the best of the best. Here is a brief list of all the equipment that our students get to learn on.  All equipment is circa 2005 and newer.

Welding booths (Extra large 7' wide by 7' deep), fully equipped with:
• Welding machine
• Stationary pipe and plate positioner
• Gas supply (for applicable welding processes)
• Two 6" grinders
• Grinding discs
• Buffing discs
• Files
• Chipping hammers
• Wire brushes
• Materials
• Consumables
• Dedicated source extraction ventilation (unique to Lincoln Electric)
• Fully stocked and accessible tool crib
• Welding gloves
• Safety glasses
• Welding hood, with an assortment of lenses

• 36 welding booths
• 18 oxy-acetylene welding and cutting stations
• Four oxy-acetylene radiograph cutters, for plate cutting
• Four oxy-acetylene pipe bevellers (Watts)
• Two oxy-acetylene pattern cutters (for pressurised pipe tests)
• Twelve dedicated grinding stations (properly ventilated by way of source extraction)
• One enclosed gouging station (using source extraction ventilation)
• One dedicated demonstration area with exclusive ventilation system utilising source extraction technology
• Designed for training in all processes

Welding machines:
• 44 Miller 350 XMT inverters
• 16 Miller dual wire feeders
• Twelve Miller single wire feeders
• Four Miller Pipeworx RMD dual wire feeder
• Two Plasma cutters
• One AMI orbital welding assembly
• One Miller 304 portable diesel drive welding machine
• One Submerged arc welding unit

Shop equipment for material preparation:
• Two Horizontal band saws
• Two Vertical band saws
• Three ½” drive drill presses
• One 1" drive drill press
• One 50 tonne Scottsman ironworker
• One Stationary lathe with a 12" chuck
• One Cold cut saw

• SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding
• GTAW Gas Tungston Arc Welding
• GMAW Gas Metal Arc Welding
• FCAW Flux Core Arc Welding
• SAW Submerged Arc Welding