Piping Opportunities for Women
An introductory course to meet the needs of women considering a career in the piping trades. Through this six week course students are exposed to aspects of each piping trades specialty, through both classroom instruction and hands-on projects in the shop. There are also field trips to real world workplaces, where you are exposed to the types of environments you will be working in. On top of all of this you will also participate in workshops related to financial management and communication skills, all with the intent of empowering you to succeed throughout your apprenticeship and beyond.

Women interested in entering the piping trades are elligible to take this exploratory course and gain exposure to plumbing, sprinklerfitting, steamfitting, and welding.  Upon successful completion of this six week course, students are then able to make an informed decision of which discipline to pursue a career in.  Supports are available to those who qualify, in the form of: coveralls, work boots, transportation expenses, childcare costs, meals, and counselling services.